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Cozumel is diving heaven!

If you haven't tried diving, now's your chance. You can take a full certification course, complete your certification process by doing your open water dives in Cozumel or get an introduction to scuba by taking a resort course during your stay. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the great wonders that lie just below the surface. Of course, you'll enjoy the best of both worlds when you combine your dive trip with a stay in a private villa.

Looking for a dive shop? Here's one that we've used for the past ten years:

Click here for more info on diving: Caballito del Caribe (Seahorse of the Caribbean)

Come discover the jewels of the Caribbean. Here are some of our favorite dive sites:

Paso de Cedral: You'll spot eels, large groupers, grunts, porkfish,  barracudas. In the caves you'll find schools of glassy sweepers. Current can be brisk. Depth is 40-60 ft.

Punta Tunich: You can fly with the current on this dive . . . and other times it's been calm as ever. You'll find groups of fish hanging out in the gullies. Watch for green morays (big ones!) and elegant scrawled filefish. Depth is 30-70 feet

Yucab: Without touching anything be on the lookout for those great Cozumel toadfish. If you hang upside down you may find those creatures hiding under rocks or coral. The bold striping pattern, whiskers and bright yellow eel-like tail make them a peculiar looking critter. They're mighty shy, so be sly. Other goodies are this dive are octopus, crab, triggerfish and trunk fish (aren't they cute!). You're at 40-60 feet on Yucab.

Tormentos: Don't be intimidated by the name of this site, you'll fine plenty of interesting marine life, and the current isn't going to rip you around. Heard there are seahorses in one area of this dive . . . I haven't seen 'em yet. But I'll keep looking! 60-70 feet here.

Palancar Caves: Wow! Now we're into canyons and tunnels, drop-offs and just mild currents. When you slip into the 60-90 foot range, don't forget to watch overhead. You'll sometimes find large eagle rays or turtles sailing above you. You can dive here time after time and each experience is a new one, with abundant sealife, interesting landscape and great, great blue.

Palancar Horseshoe: Dramatic wall teeming with coral. This dive takes it's name from it's distinctive shape. Another incredible Cozumel dive that you can do over and over again. Depth here is 60-90 ft. 

Palancar Gardens: An exotic undersea banquet of marine life, coral, pillars and a plush carpet of color. Enjoy this one at 40-70 ft. 

Santa Rosa Wall: I love this one! The beckoning wall, the come hither tunnels, the clarity and the marine life. Off you go into the wild blue yonder at 60-80 ft. depth. We saw a hammerhead shark here once, in a shallow area at the end of the dive. 

Cedral Wall: Impressive wall dive that starts at 45 feet and you'll sometimes spot turtles and eagle rays. When the current is slower, the French angels will sometimes hover above you and nip at your bubbles. Aren't they grand! Cedral is 45-90 feet.

Punta Sur: At the southern end of the island, this dive features pinnacles and an area known as Devil's Throat which starts at 70 feet and continues to the exit at 120 feet. Swirling schools of fish add a touch of excitement.

Columbia: There's Columbia Deep and Columbia Shallows. Columbia Deep starts just after Devil's Throat with a dramatic drop-off. Watch for large groupers and turtles. Current is usually mild here, but it's a vast area, so you could do several dives to cover the entire area. Depth is 80-100 feet. Columbia Shallow is only 20-40 feet deep, but it's an incredible area with lots of coral sealife. Great area for snorkeling, too . . . but you have to get there by boat.

 The plane: This is a popular shore dive, located near the international pier by the Casa del Mar or La Ceiba Hotels. The plane is scattered in this area, and provides housing for gobs of shrimp, eels, octopus, etc. We've done this dive in daylight hours and after dark. It's a great acclamation dive with little current in a shallow area (you're not going to get any deeper than 45 feet). There is some coral formations and varied fishlife. At night we've played with countless octopus (or is that octopi?) and eels, seen bunches of crabs, lobster, rays, stonefish, toad fish, horse eye jacks, puffer fish, squid, shrimp, sharp tail eel, etc. We've seen parrots in their cocoons (once there was even a baby inside the cocoon with mama!). We saw an interesting and unusual type shark one night and, oh yeah, half an eel. 

Lots of other dive sites, too; this is just a sampling. If you'd like to add your favorites, or comments or an interesting dive story E-mail with subject: dive comments!

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