Meal Service Provided by "Sandra's Kitchen"
The chef services of Sandras Kitchen is available to provide you with gourmet meals in the intimacy of your vacation rental. Awaken to a piping hot breakfast served inside or outdoors on your seaside terrace. Return from a hard day of playing or diving to relax and enjoy a leisurely lunch or dinner with your family or friends in the comfort of your Cozumel home.

Spoil yourself! The cook does all the work from shopping to preparation to clean up. You just bring a hearty appetite and enjoy the fresh and delicious food prepared to your specifications. All ingredients in our dishes are fresh, fresh, fresh and meals are lovingly made from "scratch" (preparation time is 2 to 3 hours for most dinners). You are welcome to watch and learn how to to make these dishes if you wish. When you go home, you can dazzle your friends with your new recipes!

"Sandra's Kitchen" is flexible to meet your needs, your schedule and your menu preferences:

  • You choose when you want your meals. If you want to get going early in the morning, we'll be there when you tell us (we're used to doing early morning breakfasts for divers!). You decide whether you want to have dinner early or late. It's your vacation and we're here to fit into your schedule.
  • You tell us if you have special menu requirements due to allergies or preferences (seafood, vegetarian, etc.).
  • Choose kid-tested favorites and your kids will be happy, too! Some kids don't care for spicy or "different" foods, so we have other alternatives for them.
  • You can mix and match from the selections listed below; there is no additional charge to you with the exception of JUMBO shrimp ($20) or lobster ($25).

WEEKLY Food Service Cost:
$220 per person per week; $110
per child (age 2-9) per week; no charge for children under 2. That's an excellent value when you consider that the average cost of a 3-course dinner in Cozumel is $25 to $30.

INCLUDED: 6 Days with 2 meals per day (breakfast and lunch OR dinner). Price includes the cost of the food, preparation and clean up. With weekly rentals, the food service generally starts with dinner on the day of arrival and finishes with breakfast on the day of departure. Sunday is the cook's day off.

Want the luxury of the customized in-home food service but still have the option of sampling some of the Cozumel's great restaurants? NO probem, you can arrange for cook service for as few as 3 days (and, they do NOT have to be consecutive days). Daily rate is $50 per person per day for two meals. We'll work with you so you can have whatever your heart (and tummy) desires.


  • Food service is available for a minimum of 4 adults. If you only have 2 guests and you still want cook service . . . we can do it! You will just pay the price for 4 guests, and the leftovers will be refrigerated for your lunch the next day or a midnight snack.
  • We do ask that everyone in the group eat together at the same time and have the same choice of food items unless there are specific requests (allergies, vegetarian, etc.).
  • There is an additional charge for JUMBO shrimp ($20 per person) and lobster ($25 per person)
  • Prices do not include tip for the cook or beverages (coffee and juice IS provided for breakfast)
  • Let us know if you have requests for special events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)
  • Payment for food service is required prior to arrival. We recommend you make payment when you make final payment on your rental unit. To reserve food service, email
  • For specific questions about meal service and to make menu choices, email Sandra at "Sandra's Kitchen." Sandra will provide you with a copy of your menu selections via email prior to your arrival
Menu Options:
Breakfast Dishes
Served with Coffee, Juice, Assorted Seasonal Fruits, Bread, Butter and Jam
Egg omelette filled with ham and cheese (available with vegetables for vegetarians)

French Toast
Bread, coated and fried in butter, sprinkled with
sugar and cinnamon, accompanied with bacon.

Mexican Eggs
Scrambled eggs with tomato, onion and green pepper

Divorced Eggs
Fried eggs mounted on fried tortillas, bathed with
red and green sauce, separated with beans

Tortilla chips covered in red or green sauce and bathed in
chicken shreds, sour cream and cheese

Chicken Empanadas
Fried corn tortillas filled with Mexican style chicken and cheese, accompanied with red sauce and cream
(Available without meat for vegetarians)

Divorced Eggs
Fried eggs mounted on fried tortillas, bathed with
red and green sauce, separated with beans.

Scrambled or Over Easy Eggs with Bacon or Ham

Chorizo Eggs (Scrambled Eggs with Mexican Sausage)

Hot Cakes with Syrup

Main Dishes (Lunch or Dinner)
Served with Soup or Salad, Side Dishes and Dessert
Shrimp with Guajillo Chile Pepper and Garlic
(no extra cost as these are not jumbo shrimps)

Shrimp Kabob
6 shrimp on a stick; no extra charge

Fish in Garlic Sauce

Fish Veracruz Style

From the sea to your table
: Delicious Grouper fillet, oven baked
with the flavor of achiote, xcatic chile and red onion wrapped inside a banana leaf, accompanied with vegetables and rice

Chicken, Beef or Shrimp Fajitas
No extra cost for shrimp. Authentic Mexican style!
Delicious strips of chicken with onions, peppers and a touch of bacon, marinated in beer and spices, accompanied with beans,
avocado mix and Mexican sauce

Chiles Rellenos Stuffed with Shrimp & Cheese or Beef

Chicken or Beef Tacos

Chicken Quesadillas

Chiles Chavelita (Harmony of Flavors)–
Chile Poblano stuffed with fruit, nuts, almonds, raisins and meat, bathed with an exquisite nut sauce
(Also available without meat, especially for vegetarians)

Carne Asada (Steak Dinner)

Chicken Pibil
Delicious baked chicken with spices from the Yucatan region
with the exclusive banana leaf flavor, accompanied with
mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables in butter.

Mexican Plate
Combination of diverse regions of Mexico:
Tostada (fried tortilla with chicken, lettuce and sour cream),
Mole Enchiladas, Quesadillas, Avocado Mix
and Arrachera (tender beef)

Green Enchiladas
Chicken tacos bathed in green sauce, decorated with cream,
cheese and slices of onions, accompanied with rice and beans

Hamburgers – HotdogsYucatecan Spaghetti
QuesadillasChicken Fingers

Vegetarian Enchiladas
Tacos filled with vegetables smothered with au gratin sauce
and accompanied with beans and rice.

Mushrooms al Ajillo
Combination of mushrooms, garlic and chile guajillo in rings with onions and carrots covered over a bed of rice.

Drowned Cauliflower
Cauliflower twigs with egg and Parmesan cheese in a red broth

Potato Croquettes
Fried potatoes mixed with egg and Parmesan cheese served with a Yucatán sauce and fresh salad.

Mediterrenean Eggplant
Delicious flavor from Jordan: Eggplant slices with onion, tomato, garlic and cilantro plus flavor of cumin, accompanied by rice.

Vegetarian Crepes
Crepes stuffed with mushrooms and topped with cilantro sauce,
accompanied by vegetables.

Cook service in your private Cozumel vacation rental
Cook service in your private Cozumel vacation rental
Cook service in your private Cozumel vacation rental
Cook service in your private Cozumel vacation rental
Cook service in your private Cozumel vacation rental
Cook service in your private Cozumel vacation rental
Cook service in your private Cozumel vacation rental
Enjoy meals in the comfort of your vacation home when you choose the cook service. Please remember that everyone needs to have the same food choices (unless there are special dietary requirements due to allergies, etc.).
Start the day with a hearty breakfast. Remember, you're at home, so you can eat in your pajamas!
Choose the snack option and we'll serve tasty appetizers like nachos with cheese and sauce, quesadillas, crispy chicken tacos guacamole and pico de gallo sauce or Mexican pizzas . . . and more. There is an additional charge of $8 per person per day for snack option. We guarantee they'll be great a cold beer or frosty margarita!
Savor the flavors of authentic Mexican and Yucatecan cuisine prepared with the freshest ingredients
Main dishes are served with choice of soup or salad. Soup choices include minestrone, aztec soup, lime soup, poblano soup, leek and potato soup or broad bean soup. Yum . . . .
Choose from a variety of tasty salads, including mixed salad, spinach salad, red cabbage and pear salad and avocado stuffed with tuna salad.
It's difficult to choose between these scrumptous desserts: Pastel de tres leches (3 milks cake), Flan, Mango Mousse, Key Lime Pie, Mayan Coconut Pudding, Fried Bananas with Ice Cream and Coffee Liquer . . . and more

PLUS! Sandra's Kitchen offers:

Another feature that we offer you, is our convenient SHOPPING SERVICE. Simply send us a detailed list of what you want and we will have it waiting in your vacation rental home for you. Please contact us with your list at least 10 days before you arrive on the island. That way we have plenty of time to work out details and answer any questions you may have.

We will charge you cost plus 20%. We will provide a a receipt and ask that you please pay this in cash, on arrival in Cozumel. All of your groceries will be delivered to your vacation home before noon on the day of your arrival.

Your cold beverages will be waiting in the fridge for you!

EMAIL us for Shopping Service

Shopping service in your private Cozumel vacation rental

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